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SERVED MON-FRI FROM 11:30am TO  3:00pm


Pastéis Variados $12

3 cod fish cakes, 2 shrimp cakes, linguiça & salad


Omelete de Camarão $14

shrimp omelet w/ mixed salad


Omelete de Vegetais $12

Vegetables omelet w/ french fries


Omelete de Chouriço $12

Chouriço omelet w/mixed green salad


Favas C/ Chouriço $12

Fava beans w /Portuguese sausage


Filetes de Peixe á Portuguêsa $14

Fried fish filet with salad  & Portuguese style fries


Salmão Grelhado $14

Grilled salmon


Galinha C/ Ceaser Salad $14

Grilled chicken over ceaser salad


Galinha C/ Salada $12

Mixed salad with spicy grilled chicken breast


Peito de Galinha C/ Vinho do Porto $16

Chicken breast sauteed with fresh mushrooms & Port wine Sauce


Camarão á Chefe $16

Shrimp Chef Style


Pasta C/ Marisco $15

Clams, mussels,shrimp and pasta in a red sauce


Lulas Grelhadas $14

Grilled squid over mixed green salad


Bitoque $16

Grilled thin sliced steak with egg & portuguese style fries


Frango no Churrasco $14

Grilled chicken in a spicy sauce


Febras Grelhadas $14

Grilled thin sliced pork with rice & portuguese style fries


Carne de Porco á Portuguêsa $14

Marinated Pork cubes with potatoes


Prego de Bife $10

Thin sliced steak in a roll with portuguese style fries


Sandes de Bife C/ Pimentos e Cebola $12

Pepper steak & onions


Sandes de Galinha $12

Grilled chicken sandwiche with Portuguese style fries


Prego de Porco $10

Thin sliced pork in a roll with Portuguese style fries



Consuming raw or undercooked meats, poultry, seafood, shellfish or eggs may increase your risk of foodborne illness.

Before placing your order, please inform your server if a person in your party has a food allergy.